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Contact Centre: 018 788 9990 

Premier’s Hotline: 0860 256 256

Email: info@merafong.gov.za

About Merafong City Local Municipality

Merafong City Local Municipality is a category B municipality as defined in the Municipal Structures Act. The area size of the municipality is 1631,7 km² and it comprises of 28 wards in terms of Section 18 (3) of the local government: Municipal Structures Act, 1998 (Act 117 of 1998), which constitutes 28 Ward Councillors and 24 Proportional Representative Councillors. 

The municipality is situated in the southwestern part of Gauteng Province and form a part of West Rand District Municipality, which consists of four local municipalities namely, Mogale City, Rand West and Merafong City. Merafong City Local Municipality incorporates the following areas: Carletonville, Khutsong, Fochville, Kokosi, Greenspark, Welverdiend, Wedela, Blybank and Mining Towns.

Merafong City Local Municipality has an Executive Mayor that is supported by 10 full time Mayoral committee members who are responsible for heading their respective portfolios. MCLM consists of 28 wards.


An economically sustainable, community oriented and safe city.


To create an enabling environment that is transparent and accountable to the community, by providing excellent, effective and efficient services.


➢ Accountable: constitutionally democratic responsibility 

➢ Transparency: open, good governance 

➢ Responsive: empathetic to community needs, caring, empowering, enabling, facilitating 

➢ Integrity: honest, reliable conduct 

➢ Professionalism: knowledge-driven, non-partisan, ethical, flexible, teamwork, inclusiveness 

➢ Excellence: effective, efficient, enhanced, innovative, above average performance

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